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    Final Grades  
      For All Classes  

Final grades are finished and posted. The post is called Final Grade at the bottom of the exams and quizzes page. It contains in order your student number, the final semester grade, the exam option box (checked if you made two visits to my office) the final exam grade, percent to get the class to a C average, percent of the high exam grade, midterm exam grade, the test grade, and the quiz grade.

Your final exam blue books are now in a box outside my office. Your score is in the upper right hand corner of the cover. The score is the sum of the four scores you will find in the upper right hand corner of the first page inside the cover. The logistics score is first followed by the short answers score, then the two scores for your essays. Be sure I have added correctly. 

The blue books are arranged by section, by size, and in alphabetical order. You may come and get them at any time, and you may keep them. If you have any questions about the grading of the blue book, see me if you can find me this semester or come at the beginning of next semester. 

I will keep the blue books in the box for about one week into next semester after which they will be destroyed.

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The current exam grade and scores, reflecting the results of Midterm exam, the test grade and the attendance and quiz grade, are now posted for all classes. The average score for the MWF morning class was 30. The average score for the MWF afternoon class was 29. The average for the afternoon TH class was 33.

      The test grades and scores, reflecting the results of Graded Timed Test #3, are now posted for all classes. The average test grade is the final test grade for the semester.  

The quiz grades and scores, reflecting the results of the take home quiz, are now posted.

I also updated the Quiz and Attendance Grade, located on the attendance posting. (The attendance grade did not change.)

      Note: I found a mistake on the semester schedule, so I will be passing a new one out in class on Thursday, October 20 and Friday October 21. If you do not attend class on the day it is passed out, you will need to print the new schedule using the link above.  
      Link to a printable copy of the U.S. Constitution  
      For Your Information  
        The Uniformed Voter  
        You may be interested in this blog that summarizes some current research on uninformed voters. The author, Professor Caplin, believes that that voters are not only rationally ignorate, but their beliefs about issues are purposely biased.  
        The Tea Party and Foreign Policy  
        This article -- about 10 pages -- assess the tea party's impact on foreign affairs, but the early parts on the origins of populist movements and the nature of the current tea party fits into our discussion of ideology nicely.  
        Rational Choice and Government Spending  
        This short video (2 minutes) shows the rational choice view (in economics it is called Public Choice) of why it is difficult for Congress to cut spending.  
        Constitutionality of the Health Care Law
        C_Span Coverage of the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committtee on February 1, 2011. The clip lasts 2 and a half hours. Move to minute 17 to get to get past the senators to the witnesses.  
        The Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Series  
        "Fear of Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem  
        Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two  

  How to Succeed in this Class  

Success in this class will require focus, hard work and effort, and a success strategy. If you come to me after the midterm or at the end of the semester to ask what you can do about your grade, my response will be to go over the following list of 10 actions that successful students tend to follow:

    First, you must set aside time to read your textbook. Then you must actually read it. If you are not a good reader or if you are not well versed in American politics and government, you may have to read it more than once --.fully and completely. Otherwise, you cannot do well on the tests.  

Second, you must effectively use the textbook’s study guide for the textbook before each test. Copies are on reserve at the library and can be obtained from the bookstore (you may need to order your copy.) Sometimes the publisher will provide a web version of the study guide. If so, Mr. Green will insert the link on the syllabus page just below the pictures of the textbook. Study the wrong answers to the questions in the study guide as well as the right answers. Both furnish material for test questions and reveal the mind set of those who prepare the test questions.

You should also join or organize a study group to prepare for the test. Students who work in groups usually do better than student who prepare alone.

    Third, remain in class on the days the tests are returned and go over the SCANTRON sheets to see what questions you missed, work out why you missed them, and to make sure your test scores are correct.  
    Fourth, you must set aside time to read the Taking Sides assignments; then you must actually read them with the possible quiz questions to ensure a good quiz grade.  
    Fifth, you must attend class. Both exams are based on class lectures and discussions. Failure to attend class puts you at a big disadvantage as you compete for a grade on the midterm and final.  
    Sixth, it is advisable to print out the PowerPoint slides, bring to them to class, and use them to take notes every day. Make sure your notes are complete and thorough.  
      Seventh, print out and the midterm and final exam guides. Every day after class collate your notes with the questions on the exam guides. This document can then be used as the notes you can bring when you take the exams.  
    Eight, read the writing guides posted on the exams and quizzes page. Use them to help you write both the sample essay that will be due after the midterm and the essay question on the final exam.  
    Ninth, ask question in class concerting issues and points in the lectures and discussions that are not clear and about the class requirements.  
    Tenth, bring you graded midterm exam to Mr. Green in his office during his office hours. (Be sure you first compare the grading codes on your exam to their corresponding comments on the exam grading codes list). By going over the weaknesses and error on the midterm you will have a better strategy for taking the final exam.  
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  Political Science 1100 Catalog Description  

This course satisfies the Utah System of Higher Education American Institution requirements.  Surveys the founding of the U.S.  Government, the U.S. Constitution, the Legislative, Executive and the Judicial branches of government.  Also surveys politics and elections, international relations and national security.  A lecture course which also employs a wide variety of instructional methods including student reports, discussions and audio-visual materials.  Helps students acquire a greater understanding of the federal system and of federalism.  Students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the role of citizens in a modern democracy. 3 lecture hours per week.

Prerequisite: A placement score of 17 or higher in Reading, or a successful challenge test in reading taken at the testing center, or English 1470. 

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