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Find directions for printing the PowerPoint Slides With White Backrounds
Find the Political Science 2200 Power Point Slides that Mr. Green uses in his lectures

Find printable versions of the slides Mr. Green uses in his lectures.

  Download Version  
    The links listed below allow you to download the Microsoft Power Point® slide shows Mr. Green uses each day in class.  
    You must have Power Point loaded to use the slide presentations.  When you select one of the lecture programs, a Windows dialogue box will ask if you wish to open the program or save it to your computer.  If you open it, the program will run as a slide show; you will not be able to print the slides for use in class.  To download it, you must select the save option and direct it to your computer or to a CD or Memory Stick.  It will then show up on your machine as a ppt file which you can load in Power Point. There you can edit a diagram so you can load it in one of your papers, or you can print one of the slides or the whole presentation program for use in class.  
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Printing the Slides With White Backgrounds  

To print the slides for use in class or to review for papers and exams, use the following procedure:

  1. open the file in Power Point
  2. select print from the File Menu
  3. in the "print what" box select handouts (the default will be slides)
  4. in the slides per page box select a the number of slides per pageslides. (If you select 3 slides per page, each slide will be formatted with lines for notes.)
  5. in the "color/grayscale" box select the "pure black and white" box (the default is color)
  6. select print
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  Slide Show Links for Mr. Green American Government Lectures  
        PowerPoint 2003 Format (ppt) PowerPoint 2007 Format (pptx)  
    Set 1   Comparative Politics Comparative Politics  
    Set 2   Democracy Democracy  
    Set 3   Great Britain Great Britain  
    Set 4   France France  
      Alexis de Tocqueville, Political Effects of Decentralization on the U.S.  
    Set 5   Germany Germany  
    Set 6   The European Union The European Union  
    Set 7   Japan Japan  
    Set 8   Authoriarian Governments Authoriarian Governments  
    Set 9   Russia Russia  
    Set 10   China China  
    Set 11   The Third World The Third World  
    Set 12   India India  
    Set 13   Iran Iran  
    Set 14   Mexico Mexico  
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  Printable Lectures  
    The sideshows from the PowerPoint slides have been formatted for Adobe Reader so that you can print them out. They can be printed in with either three sides per page with lines for taking notes or with 6 slides per page. Use these hard copy versions for note taking in class and to review for exams.  
        Print 3 slides per page Print 6 slides per page  
        3 6  
    Part 1   Comparative Government Comparative Government  
    Part 2   Democracies Democracies  
    Part 3   Britain Britain  
    Part 4   France France  
    Part 5   Germany Germany  
    Part 6   Japan Japan  
    Part 7   The European Union The European Union  
    Part 8   Russia Russia  
    Part 9   China China  
    Part 10   Mexico Mexico  
    Part 11   India India  
    Part 12   Iran Iran  
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