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  Political Philosophy  
    I maintain a separate page for my Political Theory (Political Philosophy) class. If you are interested in the books and websites for Plato, Aristotle, Mill, Marx, etc. use this link.  
  Economics Book List  
    The books I recommend to my Economics Students who are interested in exploring topics introduced in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics further.  
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Find links to article relevant to current class discussion
Find links to important documents in American Government

Find Links to U.S. Government sites
Find the link to The Constitution: That Delicate Balance Video Series
Find links to a selection of politically oriented think tank sits.
Find sites with analysis and opinion of political, economics, and social issues.
Find sites dedicated to Moral, Political, and Social Philosophy
Find a selection of libertarian web sites.


  Current Articles  

This section contains articles posted occasionally that relate to our current class discussion.

  Groseclose and Milyo, A Measure of Media Bias (2003 Version, 29 pages)  
  Roscoe and Milyo, A Measure of Media Bias (2004 Version, 62 pages)  
    Martin Luther King, Letter from the Birmingham Jail  
  James Q. Wilson, Divided We Stand: Can a Polarized Nation Win a Protracted War (on the partisan division in America) from, February 15, 2005.  
  Solomon and King, Diplomatic Relations (on the demise of the Neo-Conservative influence in the Bush Administration) The Wall Street Journal, February 6, 2006.  
  Hugh Rockoff, "The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary Allegory"  
  Robert Mundel, "A Reconsideration of the Twentieth Century"  
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  Important Documents in American Government  
    The ConSource Website. This website links the phrases and clauses of the Constitution and the Constitutional Amendments to writing from the period that addressed or commented on the linked phrases or clauses. It also contains facsimiles (pdf) of the original letters, pamphlets, and other documents that are the source of these writings.  

The full text of all 85 essays in the Federalist Papers
View the Original Declaration of Independence
View the Original U. S. Constitution
View the Original Bill of Rights
The full text of Alexis Tocqueville's Democracy in America


  U.S. Government Sites  
    The President  

White House The Presidency Website
-- --Council of Economic Advisors
-- --The National Security Council

    The Cabinet Departments  

Department of State
Department of the Treasury
------Internal Revenue Service
Department of Defense (DOD)
Department of Justice
Department of Interior
Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Department of Commerce
Department of Labor
Department of Health and Human Services (HSS)
---- -Social Security Administration
---- -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Department of Transportation
Department of Energy
Department of Education
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Homeland Security

    U.S. Government Statistics  

Thomas Library of Congress Web Site
U.S. Census Bureau
----- National Data Book (Statistical Abstract of the United States)
---- -Foreign Trade Statistics
CIA World Fact Book
FedStats Statistics from 100 Agencies
National Agricultural Statistics Service
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Economics Statistics Briefing Room
National Information Center (Federal Reserve Site)

    The Congress  

The House of Representatives
The Senate
House Ways and Means Committee
Senate Finance Committee
House Appropriations Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee
Senate Judiciary Committee

    Supreme Court  
      Oyez U.S. Supreme Court Media Site
Find Law: Supreme Court Opinions U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
    The Federal Reserve System  

Board of Governors
New York Federal Reserve Bank
Dallas Federal Reserve Bank
San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank
Boston Federal Reserve Bank
Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank
Chicago Federal Reserve Bank
Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank
Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank
Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank
Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank
St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank
Richmond Federal Reserve Bank

    Independent Agencies  
      National Endowment of the Humanities  
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  The Annenberg/CPB Projects  
    The Constitution: That Delicate Balance  
    A video instructional series on the American Constitution composed of 13 one-hour video programs.  

Annenberg Media Learner Home Page

    Use the two pull down lists on the line labeled Browse Teacher Resources. There are free streaming video series on Ethics, American Government, Geography, American History, Art History, World History, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, and on and on.  
  The PBS Programs  
    The Commanding Heights: The Epic Battle of the World Economy:  
    This six hour video program is based on the best selling 2002 book by Daniel Yergen. Joseph Stanislaw. It narrates the epic battle between supporters of Capitalism and Markets on one side an Socialism and Planning on the other for control of the commanding heights of the economy in the 20th century. This PBS Site is very good at steering you through the ideas, events, and arguments  

  Think Tanks  

The Brookings Institute (Left Leaning)
The American Enterprise Institute (Right Leaning
The Heritage Foundation (Right Leaning)
The Hoover Institution (Right Leaning)
The Manhattan Institute (Libertarian)
The Mercatus Center (Right leaning)
The Progressive Policy Institute(Left leaning)
Cato Institute (Libertarian)
Institute for Policy Studies (Left Leaning)

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  Web sites with Analysis and Opinion about Political, Economics, and Social Issues  
    Slate Magazine (Left/Center)  
      from Slate: Christopher Kitchen's"Fighting Words"
from Slate: Steve Lands berg's"The Everyday Economist" (Leaning depends on author of article)
The New York Review of Books
(Leans to the left)
Human Events (Leans to the right)
The New Republic (Left/Center)
Front Page Magazine (Leans to the right)
The Hoover Digest (Leans to the right)
Foreign Affairs (Leaning depends on author of article)
The Nation (Leans to the left)
The National Review (Leans to the right)
The American Prospect (Leans to the left)
The Weekly Standard (Leans to the right)
The Economist (Leans to the left) (Right oriented)  
      From Thomas Sowell
From Walter Williams
    The Washington Post Opinion Page  
      You may have to go through a free registration process the first time you link to the Washington Post.  
      from the Washington Post: Peter Beinart (Liberal  
      from the Washington Post: Michael Kinsley (Liberal)  
      from the Washington Post: George Will (Conservative)  
      from the Washington Post: Charles Krauthammer (Conservative)  
      from the Washington Post: Robert J. Samuelson (Libertarian)  

The American Spectator (Leans to the right)
Yahoo's List of Progressive Magazines and Sites (Left oriented sites)
Common Dreams (Progressive Site)
Third World Traveler: Links to Progressive Web Sites

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  Web sites about Moral, Political, and Social Philosophy  

Political Science Resources
Evan's Experientialism (Philosophical Texts) (Philosophical Research)
Political Philosophy/Political Theory
Find Law (Read the full text of U.S. Supreme Court decisions as well as the concurring and dissenting opinions)

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  Libertarian Oriented Web Sites  

Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
The Fraser Institute
The Pacific Research Institute
The Virtual School (select the academic papers link)
The Dynamist (Virginia Posture's Web site)
PERC (Property and Environment Research Center)
Reason Public Policy Institute
Reason Magazine
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Fried rich Hayes Scholars Page
Capitalism Magazine
Tech Central Station: Where Free Markets Meet Technology

    The Cato Institute  
      Regulation Magazine
The Cato Journal

Laissez Faire Books

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