Find out about the Pre-law Major.  

What undergraduate course of study is best?

There is no pre-law curriculum, no magic formula. Law schools look closely at your transcript so that if you got an A in a course on rock ‘n’ roll it probably wasn’t very challenging. You should undertake an undergraduate program that develops your ability to speak and write about concepts clearly; the capacity to read complex material with precise understanding and attention to detail; and the power to reason, weigh facts, and solve problems. Choose courses that are challenging and are taught by instructors who insist on high standards of intellectual performance. In the humanities, it might be a major in English, political science, philosophy, or history. In the sciences, it might be physics, mathematics, biology, or chemistry. In engineering, it might be computing, materials science, or civil engineering. The curriculum you choose and your other activities should expose you to broad cultural experiences and a critical understanding of human values and institutions. It is vital that law students have a mastery of the English language

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