LOOKING FOR THE CHINESE JOURNAL LINKS? I have (as of 6/27/06) been able to restore access to tables of contents for the most common journals on the main page, where they are listed alphabetically (amid the links for other journals of interest to vertebrate paleontologists). Huzzah!

To access PDFs of articles in many Chinese journals, you must obtain a subscription to WanfangData. An individual subscription looks like it will run $485 and provide 100 article downloads. Institutional subscriptions are also available, but I have no information on prices (I expect it would be at least an order of magnitude more than the individual subscription). There is currently no option for buying individual articles one at a time. If you are at all interested in a subscription, please contact:

Yingna Miao
Account Manager
Overseas Development
Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.

TEL :86-10-88018034
FAX :86-10-88018285

For further information, please contact the North American office of Wanfang Data at:

618 McKay Ave, Windsor
N9B 2A1, Canada

TEL: 1-519-977 9050
FAX: 1-519-973 1556

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